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How much does it cost to build a home in Reunion Resort?

How much does it cost to build a home in Reunion Resort?

Building your own home will be a dream come true for many people and where better to build a home than Orlando’s premier community Reunion Resort. Reunion Resort is one of the only short term zoned vacation rental communities where you can build a true one-off custom designed home to your exact specifications. So how much exactly does it cost to build a house in Reunion and what is involved?

When building in Reunion Resort there will be three parts that will make up the total cost of your build. The initial land purchase, the actual build-out cost, and finally the furnishing or interior decorating cost. Each part of these can be dealt with completely by yourself or like most people who don’t have the time can also be left up to a knowledgeable realtor who will hold your hand through every stage and beyond.


Buying land

In Reunion Resort every price of available land is privately owned meaning you are able to build your home in your most desired location within the resort, unlike spec home communities such as Encore Resort or Champions Gate where you can only build in set phases on set lots.

Lots in Reunion come in the following sizes

35ft x 140ft – these are the standard size lots you will find on streets such as Castle Pines, Desert Mountain, Golden Bear, and some Eastside lots like Euston Drive and Excitement Drive.

55ft x 140ft – most larger homes in Reunion are built on these lots such as the beautiful homes you will see on Muirfield, Palmilla, Grand Traverse, Valhalla, and Gathering Drive.

80ft x 140ft – reserved for the Estates section of Reunion which is made up of streets such as Twin Eagles and Coyote Creek Way and parts of Grand Traverse Parkway. Only Landmark Custom Builders can build on the Estates. More on this below.

Double lots

You may have seen some huge homes within Reunion, these are known as double lot builds. In Reunion, you are allowed to build a home over 2 single lots to create a larger home. Some people have purchased 3 single lots which are also allowed however you will not be able to build any part of the house on the third but you can extend your pool over the third lot.

Oversized lots

There may also be some opportunities to purchase a select few lots that are completely unique. These lots are typically found on corners or in locations within the resort where the standard lot sizes meet. This means that these lots usually have a larger frontage but a smaller back. Eg 70ft at the front but narrows to just 30ft at the back. These lots are often longer than the standard 140 depth. Some lots along Grand Traverse are as deep as 230 plus feet meaning you can add an absolutely incredible pool.

How much is the in Reunion Resort

As you can imagine, land prices do vary quite considerably from lot to lot. As they are all privately owned the price is set by the current owner. This means that not all lots that are for sale are a great deal as it really depends on how much you are willing to pay for the perfect lot. Lot prices range from $80,000 – over $600,000 for a double lot. You can buy a good lot for approximately $250,000.  See available lots in Reunion Resort here.

Construction costs

How much does it cost to build a home in Reunion is one of the most popular questions we receive, luckily it is one of the simplest to answer due to the way Reunion has structured its builder program. You should expect to pay anywhere from $220 – $250 per square foot. This will give you an incredible house with amazing specs. Of course, you can increase this budget by opting in to add extravagant personal preferences such as rare flooring or designer marble countertops or super high-end appliances throughout, etc. but where possible negotiate and keep your build cost in between $220-$250. At this figure, you will get a great home as well as a very sellable home when the time comes.

Reunion Resort builder program

The Reunion Resort builder program has been in place since day one. The builder program was set up to only allow select and approved builders to build within Reunion. Only 9 builders are allowed to build in here.

The approved builders

  • Legacy Builders
  • William Stone
  • Liberty Builders
  • McNally Construction
  • Landmark Custom builders
  • Archi Design
  • Hannigan
  • City Homes

All of the above builders can build anywhere in Reunion Resort.

How to choose the right builder?

All builders in Reunion Resort are fantastic and have all had years of experience building and is the reason they are part of the preferred builder program. But what is the difference between each builder?

Landmark Custom Builders

Landmark Custom Builders can build anywhere in Reunion however they have sole building rights on the Estates so you will typically see Landmark build the huge homes that are off Grand Traverse Parkway. Landmark does offer a fine product and their finishes and architectural design are some of the very best in Reunion. Expect to pay $250 plus for a Landmark project.

McNally Construction

McNally Construction is one of the leading builders in Reunion Resort and has completed construction on some of the largest and most high-end homes in Reunion. McNally is able to build anywhere within the resort and specialize in larger builds and double lot builds. Expect to pay $250 plus for a McNally Custom home.

Legacy Builders

Legacy builders were one of the first builders to design the custom purpose-built homes specifically designed as vacation homes. They do a fine build with beautiful finishes. Legacy prices are slightly less at around $230 per square foot.

William Stone

William Stone builders are one of the original builders in Reunion and have some great experience with all styles of homes and built one of the largest homes in Reunion that includes a 2 lane bowling alley. The price per square foot is around $230

Liberty Builder

Liberty Builders offer a great product and are an offshoot of William Stone builders so are another great choice. The price per square foot is around $230

City Homes

City Homes is more well known for developing communities such as Encore Resort and spec home products. Reunion City Homes offers just two semi-custom home floor plans. The two plans are very nice and you will also find your price per square foot around $220.

Designing your home

The builders in Reunion have been doing this a long time, so once you sign up for a build the process is extremely straightforward. Many builders on the list have their own architects either in-house or an external firm they work with. Simply tell them what you are looking for, the number of bedrooms and any special features, basketball court, zero-entry pool, etc and the team will produce you several floor plans. You can go back and forth with changes as many times as you like until the plan is perfected to your liking. Builders will also have a range of plans from existing builds to either copy or gain inspiration from.

Furnishing and Interior decoration in Reunion Resort

Once your home is complete you will now need to furnish your home to get it ready for rentals. Typically you can expect to pay as follows.
$10,000 per bedroom plus
$10-20,000 per kids themed room depending on how detailed.
$15,000 – $30,000 for an amazing games room with arcades.

Just like everything above, of course, you can spend more than this. Some of the best homes in Reunion have spent nearer $100,000 of their themed rooms but you do not need to be spending this amount in order to have a great rental home. It is also worth noting that when it’s time to sell your home, it’s very difficult to justify the themed room expenditure.

So how much am I looking at spending for a nice 9 bedroom, 6000 square foot home?

A nice 55ft lot – $250,000
$230 per square foot for the build – $1,380,000
Furnishing with themed rooms and games – $200,000

Total expected budget – $1,830,000

Do I have to pay this cost all up front?

No, when building your home in Reunion the builder will issue you with a drawdown projection and show you how much is due and when. Typically payment is made at major stages of construction.

For example:
An initial payment that covers the drawings, permitting, and groundwork.
Slab layer
First-floor walls
Interior etc
Finishes and cabinetry

Financing my build

When constructing your home it is very easy to get a construction loan. Typically most owners purchase the land in cash and then use the land towards the down payment needed in order to get the loan from the bank. This is typically the most cost-effective way to build your home unless you are planning on using cash.

Top Villas Custom built homes

We hope our article has made the building process as clear as possible for you and highlighted that it is perfectly ok to get involved with all aspects of your build. Many people however like to see a product that is done and then sign the paperwork to get the build underway. Top Villas Custom Builds has taken all the guesswork out of buildings home, we have already designed the perfect vacation rental plans, have exclusive deals set up with the builders to get you the very best rates, we have optimized budgets to maximize on the return without overpaying for unnecessary extras that you do not need. Our interior design team is also on hand to make sure your finished product is beautiful and rent ready. Building with Top Villas and our team is the most stress-free way of owning a brand new vacation home. For more details use the contact details below or find out some more information here.


Building in Reunion Resort is very easy and our experienced team is here to guide you and advise you through every step of the way. We have personally built several homes ourself and our Reunion Realty team has helped 100’s of new owners go through the entire process, from choosing the land, picking the builder, optimizing floor plans, and creating unique interiors our team has done it all. Feel free to give our team a call or send us an email using the contact form below or email us directly at info@topvillasrealty.com. We are always happy to give our honest advice and look forward to coming on this construction journey with you.

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